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Our forte and our passion. Long ago, we realized that exceeding the expectations of our clients required us to excel in the discipline of design and fabrication. So we took both activities in house, under our direct control and supervision. Our master goldsmith specializes in work with platinum and 18 karat and has 30 years of experience. He is clearly one of the best in the region.

Design plays an important role in three key areas including fashion and fun jewelry design, engagement and wedding ring design, and restoration and redesign.

With fashion jewelry we hand select and grade the gemstones, challenge ourselves with fresh ideas for design and choose the metals that create a one-of-a kind handmade piece. The holidays are one of the most exciting times for us as we build up our holiday collections with exciting new creations. These are consistently the first to be selected by our discerning clients.

Engagement and wedding ring design requires a special touch to accentuate the beauty of your diamond and gemstone selection. In the same way that every diamond is unique like a fingerprint, so are the handmade rings and mountings that result from our design philosophy of simplicity, elegance and enduring quality.

Restoration and redesign is a special challenge few jewelers are prepared to address. Transforming a 100 year old brooch into a contemporary pair of earrings or restoring grandmother’s engagement ring so you can wear it as your own cannot be left to the inexperienced. We can show you examples that demonstrate the flexibility of our approach to design. This is often a very emotional area for our clients so we, too, invest our hearts into the process of preserving and restoring your priceless family heirlooms.


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